Spain is on the Track of Becoming Coal-Free by the End of 2025, By Closing Coal Plants

Spain will become coal-free by the end of 2025. Seven Spanish coal-fired thermal plants out of the 15 plants were phased out on June 30th. These close-downs happened due to financial issues.

The total capacity of these seven closed plants was 4,630 megawatts (MW), which is a little less than half the installed coal power generation capacity in Spain. The other four still-running plants which stand for 3,092 MW capacity have already filed for permission to shut down in near future. Therefore, Spain is on track to become a coal-free country quickly.

Tatiana Nuño, a specialist in energy and climate change at environmental NGO Greenpeace said that the way things are going, I think there will no longer be any coal generation by 2025. It is important to note that the Spanish parliament recently gave the green light to the ambitious plan that will make the country carbon neutral or 100% powered by renewable energy until 2050. it could be said these actions are in line with the country’s plan to meet the Paris Agreement targets.


Source: @Solar_Edition



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