Spain Will Host One of The Largest Solar Photovoltaic Plants in Europe

Spain, the country with high solar irradiance, will host the installation of two solar projects with a total capacity of 500MW for UK company, Solarcentury. Prodiel, a multinational renewable energy company will be responsible for the construction. The 300MW Talayuela Solar plant is located in the region of Extremadura as well as the 200MW Cabrera Solar plant located in Seville, Andalucía. The first one is among the largest solar photovoltaic plant in Europe.

The plant will be made up of 830,000 solar panels, placed on 15,000 single-axis trackers. It will avoid over 165,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere each year. The two plants will have 1,384,000 solar modules.

However, the competition was almost between the U.K and Germany to get the top position for solar PV installation in 2019, Spain emerged as the new rival for two other countries. The country gained the first position among nations in the European continent in 2019 with a total installed capacity of 4680 MW. 


Source: @Solar_Edition



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