Sydney is Officially Powered 100% by Solar & Wind Electricity from 1st of July

Sydney is fully powered up by renewable electricity right now from 1st of July. The city receives its needed electricity from local and distributed renewable power generation. As of 1st of July, renewable electricity officially supplies electricity demand used for operations at buildings, depots, street lights, sporting facilities, as well as the iconic Sydney Town Hall. This milestone occurred on the same day as the city of Adelaide.

According to RenewablesNow, The 120-MW Bomen solar farm near Wagga Wagga, the 270-MW Sapphire wind park and the repowered Shoalhaven solar plant will be responsible for the power supplies. “We are in the middle of a climate emergency. If we are to reduce emissions and grow the green power sector, all levels of government must urgently transition to renewable energy,” Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore said.

It is important to note that cities are responsible for 70% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide


Source:@ renewablesnow & @Solar_Edition

Photo: @Solar_Edition


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