Tesla Model 3 Becomes 1st EV To Win Targa South West Rally Race in Western Australia

Tesla Model 3, a sedan electric vehicle (EV) developed by Tesla, won the Targa South West Rally Race in Western Australia. Although it is not the first of its kind that an EV became a winner of rally race in spite of being internal combustion engine (ICE) powered vehicles, it has proven its worth in the demanding rally series. Before that, A Tesla Roadster won Targa West tarmac rally which was held in Perth in 2018.

However, it is the first time a Tesla Model 3 has taken to the track, and its winning finish is testament to the Gemtek team behind the win, and a great example of how racing pushes the boundaries of performance and the unique challenges presented by electric vehicles, according to RenewEconomy. 

This EV was charged according to a specially developed schedule and technology. Engineer John Edwards created a DC mobile charger to charge the Model 3 in short ten-minute pulses to keep the charge above 80%. He did this by connecting the battery to another electric vehicle.

Tesla Model 3 stood in the place in the renowned Targa 130 category, achieving the best combined time of 1:00:17. ICE cars in the Targa rally were Mitsubishi, Ford, Honda, and even Porsche.

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Source:@ RenewEconomy & @Solar_Edition
Photo: @ RenewEconomy & @Solar_Edition
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