Tesla Wants to Build the World’s Largest Battery Plant Close to Berlin

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, has announced at a European Battery Conference has revealed plans to build the world’s largest battery-cell factory at the group’s electric car plant near Berlin. According to SolarDaily, this factory is Tesla’s first in Europe and is expected to produce 500,000 Model 3 sedans and Model Y SUVs per year.

At the same German site, Tesla has set a plan for building the world’s largest battery plant that starts with a capacity of around 100 GWh a year, before ramping up to 250 GWh per year. It is important to note that Chinese, Japanese, and South Korean factories are the pioneers of producing battery cells.

Elon Musk announced his ambitious target on the same day he became the world’s second-richest person, overtaking Microsoft founder Bill Gates after Tesla touched a market valuation of $500 billion according to SolarDaily.

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Source: @ Solardaily & @Solar_Edition
Photo: @ Solardaily & @Solar_Edition
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