The 28th Intersolar- 2019: Special Exhibition About “Water For The World”

The Intersolar Exhibition in 2019 and for 28th times, is the special exhibition which presents photovoltaic solutions for supplying drinking water.
According to the 2018 UN World Water Development Report, 2.1 billion people all over the world don’t have access to clean drinking water, and 3.6 billion people (almost half of the world’s population) live in areas which are threatened by water shortages for at least one month of the year. This number is expected to rise to 5.7 billion people by 2050 on account of climate change and general population growth – factors which have led the UN to forecast a 100% increase in global water consumption by as soon as 2030. Water crises have ranked among the top 5 risks in the past eight annual World Economic Forum Global Risks Reports.
PV-supported systems are considered as one of the efficient solutions for this world’s challenge. For instance, Solar-powered pumping systems offer an invaluable approach to drinking water supply and agricultural irrigation in sunny and arid rural regions.
Information on current branch solutions will be available at Intersolar Europe’s special exhibit Water for the World located at booth B3.151, co-organized by Raach Solar GmbH and Grundfos GmbH. The organizers will be exhibiting an autonomous water treatment plant powered by photovoltaic energy and suitable for any location lacking access to clean water.
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