The First and Largest Floating Solar Plant In France, Europe, Partly Was Secured By Crowdfunding.

France boasted the largest floating solar power plant in Europe and its first of this kind in the country. The project contains 47,000 solar panels installed on the body of water over the lake by an old quarry in Piolenc, north of Marseille

The project is called O’MEGA 1. In early October of 2019, we had a post about contributing to people as business partners into the building power plants. One of the possible ways is Crowdfunding. The O’MEGA 1 is an example of it that was fulfilled in late October. 

According to PV-Tech, the plant was backed with €12.8 million (US$14.28 million) in debt and €4.2 million (US$4.68 million) in equity. Part of the latter was sourced via crowdfunding.

The plant constructed at the 17-hectare site with 17 MW capacity. It avoids releasing 1,093 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere.



Photo:@euractiv & @Solar_Edition


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