The FIRST UAE Offshore Open Sea Floating Solar Power Plant is Powering up Soon

Although this power plant has low capacity, it is an offshore floating solar power plant and can start the spark to build similar projects in the same region. This power plant has the capacity of just 80 kilowatts and is planning to produce electricity for a small resort island within the upcoming days. However, already 1,000 kilowatts of rooftop and ground-mounted photovoltaic (PV) systems exist.

“Installing and maintaining solar at sea is expansive, costing three times more than a land-based project because of dealing with offshore corrosion and waves”, Stefan Muckstein, the chief operating officer of Enerwhere, said in an interview.

But because UAE has many man-made islands and installing solar panels on the islands uses a lot of the space so floating solar power plants is a good approach to supply them with electricity without using the priceless beach land and violate landscape aesthetics.

One purpose of this project is to mostly provide data and useful information on reflected light from the surface of the sea and the cooling effect of the water washing, to see if they could increase the efficiency of solar panels.


Source:@bloomberggreen & @Solar_Edition @gulfnews

Photo:@ Enerwhere Sustainable Energy @Solar_Edition 


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