Gap between Cumulative Installed Renewables & Non-Renewables on Electricity Generation is Still High, 27% vs. 73%

Renewable energy sources have great potential to meet a larger portion of the electricity generation in the world even more than their current status. Although almost 75% of newly added capacity in the electricity generation was renewables in 2019, the cumulative installed renewables (27%) is way behind non-renewables (73%).

the cumulative installed capacity of renewable energy was doubled in the last decade and reached 2536 GW. This capacity was enough to provide an estimated 27.3% of the global electricity generation. Hydropower still made up the majority (58%) of this estimated generation share, followed by wind power (22%), solar PV (10%) and bio-power (8%) at the end of 2019, according to the recently released report by REN21.

It is worth mentioning that 32 countries have more than 10 GW renewable capacity in operation at the end of 2019.


Source:@ren21community & @Solar_Edition



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