The InterSolar Award 2019, 3 candidates criteria were announced

The InterSolar Award 2019

The winners of the Intersolar AWARD and their products reflect the developments in the modern energy supply and motivate the industry to play an active part in shaping the energy future with groundbreaking innovations. The sector benefits from this – along with the winners – as the award attracts international attention from clients, partners, and the trade press.
According to Intersolar, Higher performance and greater efficiency combined with a longer service life – those are the trends for solar modules in 2019. Product and performance warranties are extending for as long as 35 years, while modules are more resistant to linear degradation. Cell technology is dominated by half-cut cell modules. Laminating bypass diodes into each cell minimizes shading loss and prevents hotspots when temperatures climb. High-performance monocrystalline n-type half-cut cells optimize bifacial glass-glass modules for use in power plants. Thin-film modules in CdTe technologies for power plants provide an output of 420 watts.
For inverters, the focus is on long service lives and improved maintenance strategies. Additional functions being implemented include characteristic curve analysis, multi MPP tracking, combination with performance optimizers, or connection to a battery. Interconnected technologies are increasingly enabling app-based services such as monitoring and system operation as well as smart home and smart grid applications.
The Intersolar AWARD finalists 2019 in the Photovoltaics category have been selected. The presentation of the 2019 award winners will take place as part of The smarter E Europe in Munich on May 15, 2019, at 4:30 pm.
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