The Largest and First-Ever Floating Solar Power Plant Completed in New Zealand

Rosedale Wastewater Treatment Plant will play host to the first-ever and largest solar project in New Zealand. This Megawatt scaled floating solar power project of 1 MW capacity is situated in the North Shore region of Auckland. Announce back in September 2019, the construction of this project has taken close to a year to complete.

The electricity generated by this project will be used for pumping and aeration of natural bacteria that help break down the waste as part of the treatment process. The floating solar array consists of about 2700 solar panels and 3000 floating pontoons.

Floating solar power plants have additional advantages when compared with ground-mounted solar plants, for example, higher annual electricity generation due to the natural cooling of water beneath them, decreasing water evaporation and algae growth in the water. However, the LCOE of floating solar is generally higher than the ground-mounted solar plants. 

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Photo:@ TaiyangNews & @Solar_Edition
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