The Largest Solar Carport In The UK Has Been Installed By Bentley Motors

largest solar carport in the UK by Bentley Motors

Bentley Motors has reinforced its commitment to sustainable energy with the installation of the UK’s largest ever solar carport at its factory headquarters in Crewe, UK. This means – in the company’s centenary year – all electricity used to manufacture every Bentley is solar or certified green. According to Volkswagen news, the installation of 10,000 solar panels, which have a capacity of 2.7MW, cover 1,378 car parking spaces and an area of 16,426m², enough to cover two football pitches. The solar carport takes Bentley’s total on-site solar panel energy capacity to 7.7MW, enough to cover over 1,750 homes. This includes the 2013 rooftop installation of 20,815 panels with the total number of individual solar panels on site in Crewe now 30,815.

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