The ‘Largest Urban’ Solar PV Power Plant Will be Build In Bordeaux, France

France will house the ‘Largest Urban’ solar PV power plant in Europe. This solar power plant will use 140,000 units of second-generation, thin-film solar panels. The total capacity of this urban solar PV power plant will be 59 MW and is estimated that it will generate 75,000 MWh electricity annually.

According to TaiyangNews, The project is coming up on a former open-air municipal landfill, considered unfit for residential, commercial, or agricultural use, in Bordeaux in South West France.

Thin-film solar panel manufacturer, First Solar, will be responsible for supplying solar PV panels that are needed for the project. The largest urban solar PV power plant in Europe is expected to complete by autumn 2021.

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Source:@ TaiyangNews & @Solar_Edition
Photo: @Solar_Edition
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