The Most Advanced Solar Farm in the U.K Commissioned: Bifacial Solar panel+Battery+Tracker

The York hybrid solar farm with 34.7 MW capacity is a combination of three advanced and recently became popular technologies in the large-scale solar installation sector. Gridserve as one of the British solar energy and battery storage systems developers called it the “most advanced” solar farm in the country developed without state subsidies.

According to Taiyangnews, the project is the first of its kind in the country due to deploying bifacial PV solar panels, over 90,000 in numbers on 198 acres of land and also the first large-scale UK project to use trackers. At the same time, its 27 MW (AC) lithium-ion battery storage system and two-way grid connection helps the National Grid balance and supply energy. It is also important to note that the generated electricity of the solar farm will be used for charging an electric vehicle station which is built-in adjacent to the solar farm. 



Photo:@taiyangnews & @Solar_Edition


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