The Renewable Energies Capacity & the Reason we Believe in Solar Energy

Currently, the most used source of energy is fossil fuel, even though it has harmful impacts such as pollution and greenhouse gas emission. But are there any better alternatives that have the potential to meet the global demand with the same availability and scale?

There are several alternatives that can be considered as a substitute for fossil fuel. For us to know their potential first we should know what is the amount of global energy consumption. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), global energy consumption was around 13 TW in 2017. Now let’s discuss the alternatives which could provide this amount of energy. 

The alternatives for fossil fuels could be 

Among these, Solar and Wind energy could be mentioned as the most accessible ones as they are available globally more or less. 

Solar energy is the most abundant energy source accessible to mankind. It has a whooping potential of 122000 TW which is insanely more than global consumption,  9385 times. This is enough to satisfy our needs for generations to come. Add availability to this scale and that is exactly why we believe in Solar Energy.    

The Wind Energy, in the 2nd place, has a large potential of 870 TW which is 67 times more than global energy demand. The potential for geothermal and hydro are respectively 32 TW and 7.2 TW. This shows that harvesting a small amount of this energy mix could easily supply the world with their energy demand if our policymakers start changing their priorities. 


Source: @ IEA & @Solar_Edition

Photo: @Solar_Edition 


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