The Share of Floating Solar in the Global Annual Installation of Solar Power

The share of floating solar in the global annual installation of solar power was less than 1% in 2018, however, that year this sector faced the steepest increase in its annual added capacity. According to Wook Mackenzie’s estimation, floating solar will expand its share and contribute to nearly 2.5% of the total annual added solar capacity in 2022.

The annual added capacity of floating solar was 786 MW in 2018 and the cumulative capacity of it reached 1.3 GW at the end of 2018. Wood Makenzie is also estimated that global floating solar demand is expected to grow by an average of 22 percent year-over-year from 2019 through 2024.

Floating solar firstly appeared as an option to extend solar power across the world in Aichi japan in 2007. But it took 9 years to become more attractive in 2016.


Source: @Solar_Edition

Photo: @Solar_Edition


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