The Share of Renewable Energies in The Global Power Investment in 2018

The global renewable investment was slightly more than USD 300 billion in 2018. It accounted for nearly 39% of the total investment in the power sector in that year. Although investment in this section rose 55% in 2018 compared to 2010, the rate of investment has been almost flat for four consecutive years. it was endured a flat rate of investment for four consecutive years. 

According to IEA, The dip in solar PV and the flat rate of renewables were a contributor to the downward movement in renewables investment, largely due to policy changes in China, where the government is seeking to promote more cost-effective and system-friendly investment. As another fact, nuclear power investment edged up as new grid-connected plants in 2018 grew threefold compared to 2017, 80% of them in China.

It is also mentioned that global power sector investment dipped by 1% to just over USD 775 billion in 2018, with lower capital spending on generation. Investment in electricity networks edged down, although investment in battery storage surged by 45% from a relatively low base compared to the previous year.


Source:@ IEA @Solar_Edition

Photo:@ IEA & @Solar_Edition


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