The United States of America, a Decade of Energy Transformation in one graph

From the start of the last decade, the United States has successfully reduced CO2 emission from power-sectors to become the lowest in a generation. The “smart meter” (Device that records electricity consumption and reports it back to the supplier) increased from the initial 9.6 million to 85 million over the last 10 years and the budget of households for electricity has decreased by 22%.

Renewable energy has become one of the cheapest energy sources in the US markets. The country’s renewable energy capacity has increased up to two times from the last decade and its solar energy capacity is now “80 TIMES” more than what it used to be in the last 10 years.

In the end, over the last decade, the transformation has caused the energy to become more affordable for the consumers.


Source:@ renewableenergyworld & @Solar_Edition

Photo:@bloombernef @Solar_Edition


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