Tommy Hilfiger’s Solar-Powered Jacket

Tommy Hilfiger's Solar-Powered Jacket

While other brands in the fashion and retail space are aligning themselves with devices that measure physical activity or provide communication from your wrist, Tommy Hilfiger’s first foray into the wearable tech world came in the form of two solar-powered jackets in 2014.
According to Forbes news, this model of Tommy Hilfiger’s jacket designed for both men and women. The limited-edition styles charge electronic devices like your smartphone or tablet by converting energy from a series of removable solar panels attached to their backs.
We’ve all been in those scenarios where the battery on our phone dies and we don’t have access to a port to power them up again – why couldn’t we carry our own energy-generating source around with us? A subtle cord in the lining of this jacket connects the solar panels on its back to a removable battery pack in the front right pocket. From there, you’re able to charge as you go. The solar panels on the back snap easily on and off, meaning you can detach the technology and be left with a genuinely nice-looking jacket too.
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