Top 10 PV Engineering, Production, and Construction (EPC) Provider in the Solar Market

In mid-October, IHS Markit released its Top 10 EPC provider in the solar market in 2019. Although we already published a list on the top 10 EPC providers in the first half of 2020, we are publishing this to provide our readers an option for comparing the two.

In 2019, the 30 largest EPC providers globally accounted for a non-residential installed capacity of 28 GW PV. As we know that in that year 39 GW out of 115 GW solar installation was in the residential segment, thus 36.8% of utility-scale solar installation was done by these PV EPC providers. This indicates a significant growth in this segment of the solar market, as compared to its previous year. According to PV-Magazine, This significant growth stems mainly from a growing concentration in the Chinese PV market, as well as integrator concentration in rapidly growing markets like Spain and Vietnam.

As a matter of fact, PowerChina installed 2.5 GW of solar PV in 2019 and stood at the top of IHS Markit’s global PV EPC providers ranking, rising up from fourth position in 2018.

Another reason for this rapid increase is that installation of larger solar parks and farms have gained momentum so that more than 140 solar parks larger than 100 MW were completed in 2019, representing 30% of the global PV market (excluding residential systems). This is due to the fact that Large projects contributed to greater market shares among the biggest EPC providers. 

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