Top 10 PV Module Manufacturers in 2020, Based-on Their Module Shipment

The list of Top 10 PV module Manufacturers of 2020 is based on their shipment dispatch statistics during the mentioned year. Among these manufacturers, LONGi Solar ranked as the leader of the list in 2020. LONGi Solar has outstripped its main competitor, e.g. Jinko Solar, in 2020 with more than 20 GW PV module shipment.

An important point to note is that there is uncertainty regarding the number of shipments made by PV Infolink, as they have not revealed their official figures yet.

After that Jinko Solar is on the second rank followed by JA Solar and Trina Solar on the third and fourth rank.

The Top 10 PV Module Manufacturers are listed in the following

It is important to note that in this year the top PV Module manufacturers provided 81.5% of global demand translating into shipping around 114.1 GW of PV modules in 2020. CHINT Solar has been ranking among China’s Top 500 companies for 18 consecutive years and has been active in the energy sector, including solar energy. Chint Solar Nederland is part of the Chint Group that supplies solar panels throughout the world through its subsidiary Astronergy.

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