Top 10 Residential-scale Solar panels for the First Quarter of 2021

The first change in the top 10 list is for one of the giant PV module companies, SunPower, grabbing the first place with their Maxeon X series, taking over the place of its Maxeon series. SPR X22-370 model of Maxeon series with 370 W power output and 22.7% efficiency was designed for small- or residential-scale. This Model with IBC technology at solar cell level held again SunPower at the highest rank among other PV module companies in April top 10 solar panels.  

The second change is associated with Jinko Solar’s famous Tiger Pro series. This variant of Tiger Pro comes with 21.3% efficiency and 415 W power output placed in the eighth rank of April’s top 10 solar panels and a lower position than another product of this series.

Here’s the full list with links to the product data sheets

ManufacturerModelCell TypeTechnologyEfficiency Power DensityPower
Maxeon X seriesn-typeIBC22.7%226.9 W/m2370 W
NeoN R ACen-typeMBB22%220 W/m2380 W
Alphan-typeHJT- Half Cell21.7%217.5 W/m2380 W
NeoN Rn-typeIBC21.7%191.3 W/m2375 W
Tiger pron-typeHalf cell MBB21.4%585 W
SIL-380 BKn-typeBack Contact21.4%213.8 W/m2380 W
NeoN Rn-typeIBC21.4%188.7 W/m2370 W
Tiger pron-typeHalf cell MBB21.3%221.9 W/m2415 W
Ultra Xn-typeHalf cell MBB21.2 %212 W/m2600 W
Vertexn-typeHalf cell MBB21.2%600 W
HiKu7n-typeHalf Cell21.2%212 W/m2600 W
S4n-typeHalf cell MBB21.1%540 W
Vertexn-type1/3 cut cells21.1%212 W/m2505 W
Deep Blue 3.0n-typePERCMBB21%214.5 W/m2545 W
Hi-MO 5P-typePERC21%211.7W/m2540 W
JKM 470N- 7RL3n-typeHalf cell MBB20.93%209.8 W/m2470 W
LR4-72 HPH-455n-typePERC Half Cell20.9%209.9 W/m2455 W
JW-I 60Nn-typeIBC20.9%209.1 W/m2340 W
PS 380M4-20/UHn-typeMonoPERC20.71207.6 W/m2380 W
NeoN 2n-typeMBB20.6%206.4 W/m2355 W
HiE-S480VIn-typeShinglePERC20.5%205 W/m2480 W

The first quarter’s top 10 solar panels contains brands such as Jinko Solar, Canadian Solar, REC Group, SPIC, JA Solar, Longi Solar, Jinergy, Risen Energy, Luxor, Talesun, DEHU Solar, Trina Solar, Solaria, ZN Shine Solar, Axitec Solar, and last but not least FuturaSun. 

Solar Edition publishes two Top 10 Solar Panels lists. Top 10 solar panels for commercial and small-scale is published based on the power density factor in the 1st week of every month and quarterly top solar panels for industrial-scale in the 3rd week of the third month.

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