Top 10 Solar panels for Industrial-scale in the First Quarter of 2021

The first change is related to the name of SolarEdition’s most-efficient solar panels list. From now on, our monthly publishing 72 cells most-efficient solar panel list changes to quarterly top 10 solar panels for industrial-scale in 2021, for instance, the first quarter of 2021’s Most efficient 72 cells list is turned to the first quarter’s top 10 solar panels.

The second change is associated with the internal changes in the first quarter’s top 10 solar panels. The first quarter’s top 10 solar panels has one important change as compared to the previous top 10 solar panels. This change appeared at the highest rank on the list. Trina Solar’s Vertex series featured a new member with 21.6% efficiency and 670 W power output. This model of the Vertex series is not only the most powerful model of its series but also it has the highest level of power output among the first quarter’s 10 Solar panels list by a far distance.

Also note that Trina Solar utilizes a bigger and full square mono-PERC solar wafer format (210mm wafer size), non-destructive cutting, high-density interconnection, and multi-busbar (MBB) technology.

Here’s the full list with links to the product data sheets

ManufacturerModelCell NumberCell TypeTechnologyEfficiency Power
Vertex140MonoPERCMBB21.6670 W
Tiger Pro72MonoPERCMBB21.4%530 W
HiKu 6144MonoHalf-Cut PERC21.3%545 W
Alpha144MonoHJTHalf-Cut21.3%450 W
SPICN6-72144MonoHalf-CutMBB21.1%425 W
Deep Blue 3.0144MonoPERCMBB21%545 W
Hi-MO 572MonoPERC21%540 W
JNMM-455144MonoHalf-CutMBB20.9%455 W
JAM72S10 MB144MonoHalf-CutMBB20.9%420 W
JaGer144MonoHalf-CutMBB20.9%420 W
Hi MO 472MonoPERC Shingle20.8%415 W
LX-410W144MonoHalf-CutMBB20.68%410 W
TP6F72M (H)144MonoHalf-CutMBB20.6%415 W
DH-M772W144MonoHalf-CutMBB20.5%445 W
TSM-NEG 16144MonoHalf-CutMBB20.5%430 W
Cheetah HC72144MonoHalf-CutMBB20.38%410 W
CS 1 U 420 MS72MonoPERC Shingle20.37%420 W
Power XT 440c-PD72MonoPERC Shingle20.3%440 W
ZXM6-HLDD144144MonoHalf-CutMBB20.25%410 W
AXI premium144MonoHalf-CutMBB20.22%450 W
FU 400 M72MonoPERC20.17%400 W

The first quarter’s top 10 solar panels contains brands such as Jinko Solar, Canadian Solar, REC Group, SPIC, JA Solar, Longi Solar, Jinergy, Risen Energy, Luxor, Talesun, DEHU Solar, Trina Solar, Solaria, ZN Shine Solar, Axitec Solar, and last but not least FuturaSun. 

Solar Edition publishes two Top 10 Solar Panels lists. Top 10 solar panels for commercial and small-scale is published based on the power density factor in the 1st week of every month and quarterly top solar panels for industrial-scale in the 3rd week of the third month.

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