Top 10 Solar panels with 72 cells in the First Quarter of 2022 Sorted by SolarEdition

Top 10 Solar panels with 72 cells in the First Quarter of 2022 Sorted by SolarEdition

The changes in Q1 2022 Top 10 Solar panels have led to major and considerable variations at the top side of the Top solar panel list. These changes were caused by one of the highly reputation PV module manufacturers in the U.S. and two Chinese and well-known ones. 

SunPower, as a famous U.S PV module producer, surprisingly grabbed the first rank of this month’s best solar panels with 72 cells from another giant and frontrunner of this type, Trina Solar. Seraphim and SPIC Solar PV modules in order stood at the third and fourth rank of  Q1 2022’s most-efficient solar panels. It is important to note that they have close competition with RECOM’s module in efficiency and power output so they pushed down RECOM’s solar panel to the fifth rank.

So let’s go through the most recent updates of the most efficient 72 cells solar panels of this quarter. Please bear in mind that the list in our website is very detailed and contains more than top 10 solar panels. It now includes over 27 most efficient (best) solar panels in the market.

SunPower, U.S Pioneering PV Module Manufacturer 

SunPower is well-known for its X series products with IBC technology which placed it at the first rank of our main top 10 solar panel list which was released monthly. Now, this high-efficient technology at the cell-level has resulted in bringing its A series modules with 72 cells up to the first rank. SunPower’s SPR-A450-COM module has 22.2% efficiency and provides 450 W in its external ports.

It is important to note that Interdigitated Back Contact (IBC) is one of the most complicated ways to produce solar panels. However, due to its effect on increasing the “efficiency” of the modules, it reduces the final product price and therefore, it has recently become popular. IBC as the name suggests places the contacts in the rear side of the cell instead of the front side. This allows it to have higher efficiency due to a decrease in shading on the front side of the cell. These all result in an increase of the absorption capacity of IBC solar cells. 

Seraphim Became a Serious Rival

By introducing its SV series, Seraphim has become an important and far-reaching competitor for others. Similar to SunPower, it is known for its high-efficient solar panels for residential and commercial segments. But, its SRP-670-BMC-HV PV module with 21.57% efficiency and 670 W power output placed it at the third rank of Q1 2022 Top 10 Solar panels list.

These specs have come from utilizing M12 solar cells, multi-bus bars (MBB) technology, and half-cut solar cells. Each of which has its own role for providing better performance in a PV module. In late 2019, together with utilizing PERC technology to reach high efficiency and power output, the big wafer format also gained popularity. Now the M12 or G12 wafer format with 210 mm side length has become one of the standard wafer sizes besides the M10. Busbars are thin wires or ribbons which run down each cell and carry the electrons (current) through the solar module. As PV cells have become more efficient they, in turn, generate more current thus over recent years most manufacturers have moved from 5 busbars to MBB. Another recent technology is using half-cut or half-size cells rather than full-size square cells and moving the junction box to the center of the module. This effectively splits the solar panel into 2 smaller panels of 50% capacity each which work in parallel. This has multiple benefits including increased performance due to lower resistive losses through the bus bars (current collectors).

SPIC Solar: Third Company in the World Realized IBC Solar panel

As another competitor for the Chinese-dominated PV module segment, SPIC Solar has entered the best solar panels with 72 cells list with its AC-545MH model in this quarter. This product is utilized from IBC cells. SPIC Solar collaborated with ISC Konstanz from 2016 in IBC technology research, it is the third company in the world to realize IBC solar panel production and started the module production from 2019.

SPIC Solar introduced ANDROMEDA 2.0 series IBC solar module from the end of 2021, could provide higher efficiency and lower degradation so that the company claimed that the key features of this series are 

  • Anti-PID (potential induced degradation)
  • Zero LID (light-induced degradation)
  • Minimal power degradation after 25 years.

Sometimes environmental conditions such as moisture, temperature, and ultraviolet (UV) radiation are lonely and usually along with each other during the period of field operation of PV modules leading to different time-dependent failures like PID and LID.  LID is due to traces of oxygen included in the molten silicon during the Czochralski process. Under the light exposition effect, this positive-charged O2 may diffuse across the silicon lattice, and create complexes with boron dopant acceptors. The boron-oxygen complexes create their own energy levels in the silicon lattice and can capture electrons and holes which are lost for the Photoelectric effect.

The SPIC Solar’s SPICN6(LAR)-72/IH model is the closest rival for Seraphim’s PV module series with 21.5% and 460 W power output. This model placed at the fourth rank of first quarter’s 72 cells Top 10 Solar panels.

Here’s the full list with links to the product data sheets

RankManufacturerModelCell NumberCell TypeTechnologyEfficiency Power
1SPR-A450-COM72MonoIBC22.2%450 W
2Vertex140MonoHalf-Cut PERC21.6%670 W
3SRP-670-BMC-HV132MonoHalf-CutMBB 21.57%670 W
4SPICN6(LAR)-72/IH144MonoHalf-Cut21.5%670 W
5RCM-665-8MM132MonoHalf-Cut PERC21.41%665 W
6Tiger Pro72MonoPERCMBB21.4%530 W
7HiKu 6144MonoHalf-Cut PERC21.3%545 W
8Alpha144MonoHJTHalf-Cut21.3%450 W
9RCM-550-7MF144MonoHalf-Cut PERC21.28%550 W
10SPICN6-72144MonoHalf-CutMBB21.1%425 W
11AC-545MH/144V144MonoHalf-Cut PERC21.09%545 W
12Deep Blue 3.0144MonoHalf-CutPERC21%545 W
13Hi-MO 572MonoPERC21%540 W
14JNMM-455144MonoHalf-CutMBB20.9%455 W
15JAM72S10 MB144MonoHalf-CutMBB20.9%420 W
16JaGer144MonoHalf-CutMBB20.9%420 W
17Hi MO 472MonoPERC Shingle20.8%415 W
18LX-410W144MonoHalf-CutMBB20.68%410 W
19TP6F72M (H)144MonoHalf-CutMBB20.6%415 W
20DH-M772W144MonoHalf-CutMBB20.5%445 W
21TSM-NEG 16144MonoHalf-CutMBB20.5%430 W
22Cheetah HC72144MonoHalf-CutMBB20.38%410 W
23CS 1 U 420 MS72MonoPERC Shingle20.37%420 W
24Power XT 440c-PD72MonoPERC Shingle20.3%440 W
25ZXM6-HLDD144144MonoHalf-CutMBB20.25%410 W
26AXI premium144MonoHalf-CutMBB20.22%450 W
27FU 400 M72MonoPERC20.17%400 W

The Q4 top 10 solar panels contains brands such as SunPower, Trina Solar, Seraphim, SPIC Solar, RECOM, Jinko Solar, Canadian Solar, REC Group, Axitec, SPIC, JA Solar, Longi Solar, Jinergy, Risen Energy, Luxor, Talesun, DEHU Solar, Trina Solar, Solaria, ZN Shine Solar, Axitec Solar, and last but not least FuturaSun.

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Authors: Hesam-Edin Hayati Soloot & Shahab Moghadam

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