Top 4 U.S. Solar States based on installed capacity contributed to electricity generation

Top 4 solar states based on their cumulative installed capacity, contributed to the United States electricity generation are 

1 – California (CA)   

2 – North Carolina (NC) 

3 – Arizona 

4 – Texas.

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As you can see in the above, CA is placed in the first rank due to 26,232 MW installed capacity. This capacity can supply the electricity needs of 6,828,939 number of homes. CA by far is the leading state for solar generation in all of the United States. This is to be linked to policies of states on renewables and their new mandate on all new houses in the state to have solar rooftops.

Next, stood NC in the second rank. NC‘s capacity is 5,662 which is equivalent to 683,648 home’s electricity needs. After that, Arizona and Texas possess the third and fourth ranks with 3,913 MW and 3,421 MW that is equivalent to 578,323 and 408,234 homes’ demand for electricity.


Source:@SEIA & @Solar_Edition



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