Top Five Shining Cities in Solar PV in the U.S., Accordance to Their Solar Capacity per Capita

We are here presenting the top five cities in the United States which have achieved brilliant success in the solar PV sector according to their installed solar capacity per capita:

1- Honolulu in Hawaii with 840W per capita 

2- San Diego in California with 295W per capita 

3- Albuquerque in New Mexico with 223W per capita

4- San Jose in California with 217W per capita

5- Burlington in Vermont with 184W per capita.

Among the nation’s states, California by having 2 cities in the list is the pioneer state. It is important to note that if we want to list these cities in accordance with their total installed solar PV capacity the list faces significant changes.

According to Environment America, more solar capacity was added to the grid in 2019 than any other energy source in the United States. The U.S. now has more than 77 GW of solar PV capacity installed — enough to power more than one in every 10 homes in America.


Source of Information:@ EnvironmentAmerica & @Solar_Edition



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