Two Wafer Sizes Will Disappear and Three ones Will Become Mainstreams by 2030

Making PV modules with a larger wafer size has become one of the hot topics and market trends in the solar market and industry in 2020. This has led to an intense competition between two groups of PV module producers to introduce and specify the industry-standard wafer size for the solar PV sector. These two groups are called the  “500+ PV module producer” club and Photovoltaic Open Innovation Ecological Alliance. The former has chosen a M10 wafer size as the mainstream for PV module production while the latter has selected M12 wafer size.

Currently, International Technology Roadmap for Photovoltaic (ITRPV) released its latest update of the 11th version of its annual report. When in April, ITRPV launched the first version of the 11th report, it had estimated that M2 wafer size with 156.75mm side length will disappear gradually from the solar market by 2030. They forecasted that G1 wafer format with 158.75 side length will have allotted a small piece of the market share to itself by the end of the decade.

However, the updated of the 11th version released in October 2020 indicates that M2 wafer size will have no longer remained in the market by 2025 and G1 wafer size will have no longer its small market share, three newly wafer formats including M6, M10, and M12 will become the mainstreams of the PV module production by 2030 according to the newest market estimation.

It is important to note that these larger wafer sizes could no longer be used by simply upgrading existing production lines and new lines will be necessary. 

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