United Kingdom’s Biggest Solar Farm is allowed to be Built on North Kent Coast

The United Kingdom plans to build the country’s biggest Solar Farm in the North Kent Coast. The plans to build this farm are now approved by the government. This solar farm stretches over an area of 900 acres and will produce electricity for over 91,000 homes. This facility will also have one of the world’s largest energy storage systems.

But this project has been opposed by localities and various political parties like Greenpeace, the RSPB, and the countryside charity CPRE. According to them, industrialization of the countryside could potentially harm an adjacent wildlife site. Their spokesperson Mike Childs said: “No-one wants to see damage to local habitats, but this is not some lovely, untouched meadow. Changing the use of the site from intensive agriculture will reduce the high level of chemicals currently harming insects and wildlife – but we have to hold the developers to account”.

Environmentalists say that the developers should give free rooftop solar panels to local people who are protesting against the solar farm. The protestors have cited their worries over the battery storage system, saying that these systems have had a history of fire and explosions around the world.

But according to the developers, this project is safe. It will be a subsidy-free project and one of the lowest cost-power generators in the United Kingdom. It will also bring the local council £1million for every year that it runs.

In 2015, the UK’s government announced that it will phase out subsidies from solar energy and it caused an uproar in the industry.

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