What is Pseudo Square Diameter and Why We Should Know About it?

Solar modules are differing from each other due to embedding different sizes of cells/wafers. The M2 wafer size was set down as one of the standard wafer formats by some of the Chinese PV manufacturers in 2016. M2 wafer format has 156.75 mm side lengths and 24,341 square millimeters. But, when we multiplied 156.75 mm in itself as a square-shaped thing we derived to 24,570 square millimeters area. Then, the question arises here why these two numbers are different?

Silicon ingots are cylindrical and PV manufacturers cut wafers off the wafers are then in disc shapes. Circular wafers could not cover a larger surface area of a solar panel compared to square-shaped. Therefore, by cutting the edges of them they become pseudo square wafers. Then, Pseudo Square diameter is a diameter of a square within a circle.

Increasing the solar wafer size has been one of the general trends since 2010 in the solar industry sector. The reason is the bigger wafer is more powerful and covers more area. By the end of 2013, a number of China-based wafer producers (LONGi Solar, Zhonghuan, Jinglong, Solargiga, and Comtec) jointly issued the standards for wafers (M2) 156.75mm x 156.75mm. It is worth mentioning that the thickness of the solar cell is 180 micrometers.





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