What Threshold a Country needed to Enter in the Top Ten List of PV Markets in 2019

Having 3.1 GW added solar capacity in 2019 was the threshold for entering the top ten list  PV market of the year. It was the highest level in the history of the PV market. As evidence of this fact, it is twice the level needed in 2018.

It is important to note that the top 10 countries represented 72% of the global annual PV market, a declining number signaling that the market is less concentrated, according to IEA. we must put the aforementioned points aside this fact that China’s annual added solar capacity arrived at its lowest level in the recent three years, 30.1 GW. However, the country still has the highest level of annual added capacity among others. China is the first in the ranking of the top ten list of the PV market in 2019.





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