What We Need to Do in Energy Section to Be Carbon Neutral for 2050 by Renewable Energy

In 2018, the world stood in the place where renewable energy sources made up of a bit more than 10% of the global energy mix. We have to and need to take steps towards carbon-neutral goals if we would like to limit the temperature increase well-below to 1.5 degrees Celsius. To do so, we should increase the renewables share six-fold by 2050. In other words, if it were accounted for 66% of the total energy consumption in the world by 2050, we would be optimistic that we have taken steps to save our planet for next-generations.

All of the above-mentioned points are introduced in a scenario in the latest report of IRENA which is called the Transforming Energy Scenario (TES).

According to IRENA’s report, the current lack of energy access for millions of people is a cause of great inequality. Renewable energy technologies based-on the TES could be applied to rural areas where the grid has yet to reach, bringing rural electrification, community energy initiatives, and distributed energy resources that can greatly improve people’s lives and stimulate local economies.


Source:@irenaimages & @Solar_Edition



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