Why Half is More Why Becoming Popular in the PV Module Manufacturing?

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Why half is now more in Solar Technology? If you have followed our most-efficient commercially available solar panel list, Half-Cut (Half-Cell) is one of the most efficient and powerful technologies in PV modules manufacturing. Now let’s briefly check the secret behind this choice.

Cutting a solar cell so exactly that it is divided into two same halves has been proven to be an effective way to “lower resistive power loss”. Each of the sliced cells, half-cut cell, generates half the current of a full cell. Respectively, due to the direct relationship of electrical losses with the square of the generated electric current in a cell, this results in reducing resistive losses in the interconnection of solar modules

Less resistance between the cells increases the power output of a module. It is also worth noting that two halves of cells are connected in series to each other in PV module manufacturing. Therefore, a module with half-cut cells generates more power than a standard module with full cells.





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