Will M10 wafer size standard be the end of bigger wafer size trend?

In 2020, making PV modules with a larger wafer size has been one of the hot topics in the solar market and industry. On the other hand, some of the solar industry’s giants have called on the global solar market players and industry partners to adopt the M10 silicon wafer size as the new standard for the development of silicon cells and module products. The M10 wafer has a 182 mm side length. 

It seems that with the M10 standard, the production of PV modules with the larger wafer size trend will come closer to the end of the rope. The standard will help both the manufacturers and industry with reducing the costs and greeting accessories that are more standard and compatible with various products.

The giant companies who have agreed on the adopting M10 wafer as the standard wafer size for manufacturing are

Three out of these 7 companies are also PV manufacturers who are members of the 500+ PV module producer club. It is worth to mention that LONGi, Jinko, and JA Solar are also among the top ten PV module manufacturers who had 66% of the market share in PV module shipment in 2019.





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