World’s Biggest Battery Storage System Will be Built in NSW with 1.2 GW Capacity

The world’s largest utility-scale battery storage energy system (BESS) will be built in New South Wales (NSW). On completion, this BESS project will be more than four times larger than the current largest which is currently operational in California with a 300 MW capacity. 

One of the objectives of commissioning such a large BESS project is to fill the gap due to the retirement of coal- and gas-fired power generation stations in NSW said Morris Iemma who was the Labor premier of NSW and is currently the chairman of CEP. Energy. CEP. Energy is a renewable energy company that will be building this BESS project. The World’s biggest BESS project is sometimes called as Kurri Kurri battery project. Because the project site is located in the small town of Kurri Kurri in the Hunter Valley region of NSW, about 150 km north of Sydney on Australia’s east coast.

When the Kurri Kurri battery project was completed by CEP Energy, the company would become one of the pioneers of battery projects in Australia which has considerable competition with France’s Neoen as another rival for taking this title.

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