World’s First full-size IBC bifacial solar module developed by SERIS

Full-size “Interdigitated Back Contact” (IBC) bifacial solar module development has led to panels that are last longer and higher efficiency. The panel can absorb light from both sides, back & front. The prototype utilizes bifacial ZEBRA IBC solar cells, which built in efficiency with 22% and more. 

SERIS CEO, Armin Aberle claims that IBC cells are better in performance when it comes to durability and reliability. They are fabricated using standard industrial 6-inch n-type Cz monocrystalline silicon wafers. The double-glass insulation technique, which they perfected from 2009, makes the module structure more reliable. IBC bifacial panels would be able to provide a longer warranty period of 30+ years. Furthermore, bifacial characteristics of solar cells, resulting in as much as 30% extra power is generated.

The Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS) was cooperating with Researchers at Germany’s International Solar Energy Research Centre Konstanz and the National University of Singapore to create the world’s first full-size IBC bifacial solar panel. This panel will produce more than 400-watt power. 

As the disadvantages of this technology could be that the efficiency which results of reflection from the ground (backside), depends on the proportion of “Albedo radiation”. This module is made of double glass which makes the module “heavier”.


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