World’s First High Altitude Floating Solar, Installed & Commissioned in Switzerland Alps

Romande Energie is installing 448 kW of floating arrays on the Lac des Toules reservoir, located at an altitude of 1,810 meters in the Swiss Alps. The installation will be operating under extreme weather conditions, but it is also expected to produce 50% more power than similar projects built in the plain.

Romande Energie mentions that this is a pilot project and was developed in partnership with the local municipality of Bourg-St-Pierre. This is a part of a bigger plan to start the work on a large floating solar park by the end of 2021. The joint project started back In 2013 when the two partners tested PV technology at this altitude with a small, lakeshore pilot, which was designed to test different types of solar panels and designs for the project.

The solar panels of this project are supplied by Yingli Solar. In addition to the technology giant, ABB has also partnered with Romande Energie to supply the inverter solutions for one of the world’s highest floating PV installations, which increases the efficiency of DC production by up to 30 percent, even in the winter.



Photo:@Solar_Edition & @ weforum @ Keystone / Valentin Flauraud


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