Zenlabs Awarded $4,8 million for Fast-Charging EV Battery Technology

Zenlabs Awarded $4

Zenlabs Energy Inc., based in Fremont, California, was recently awarded a $4.8 million dollar contract to develop low-cost, fast-charge EV battery technology. The company is focused on high energy density lithium-ion cell development. One EV adoption obstacle to overcome is long charging times.
According to CleanTechnica, Zenlabs references the goal of EV charging at the same time it takes to fill up the tank of a gas-powered vehicle.
Zenlabs’ high energy fast charge cells are based on a proprietary silicon-based anode. Zenlabs is developing novel electrolyte formulations tailored to our specific silicon-based anode. The novel electrolyte formulations enable lithium diffusion and charge transfer while creating a stable solid electrolyte interface for improved cycle life.
State of the art batteries typically uses nickel rich cathode paired with a graphite anode. A few cell makers have started blending graphite with a small percentage of silicon to provide a slight boost in cell energy density. Our optimized cell designs utilize a highly porous anode that includes silicon material content greater than 50 wt.% and a network of carbon nanotubes.
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Location: Fremont, California

Date: May 08, 2019 @ 10:53

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