ZeroAvia Hydrogen-powered Plane Has Zero Carbon Dioxide Emissions

ZeroAvia’s Piper M-class six-seater plane powered up completely by hydrogen as a fuel. ZeroAvia aims to decarbonize medium- and small-range passenger planes by replacing conventional piston engines in propeller planes with new technologies including electric motors and hydrogen fuel cells. It has set to build 20-seat airplanes.

The company is developing a hydrogen fuel cell powertrain that it said offers the same zero-emission potential of battery-electric and a more promising power density ratio. This point makes it viable for commercializing at a much larger-scale in a shorter time span. It is important to note that hydrogen-electric powertrains are indicated that having lower operating costs.

According to TheEngineerUK, the Californian company completed the first flight of the new version of its powertrain from its base at Cranfield Airport. Longer test flights are planned for later this summer, culminating in a UK-based 250-300 nautical mile flight from the Orkney Islands.

Source:@theengineeruk & @Solar_Edition
Photo: @theeingeeruk & @Solar_Edition
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