Giant 2.1 GW Floating Solar Deal Was Signed between Ocean Sun and EN Technologies

Norwegian floating PV specialist Ocean Sun and South Korean tech company EN Technologies have closed a deal on the pilot projects of a 2.1 GW floating solar complex. This project is going to be built near the Saemangeum tidal flat, on the coast of the Yellow Sea.

This deal includes a demonstration system and an option for a minimum of 100 MW of generation capacity in 18 months. According to Ocean Sun, there is a possibility of an additional 400 MW in five years within the deal. EN Technologies will localize the production of project components.

The patented design is developed by Ocean Sun for a floating solar system for “near-shore” and “semi-sheltered waters”. This design features a buoyancy ring anchored to the seabed with four mooring points and 12 lines. According to Ocean Sun CEO Børge Bjørneklett in an interview with PV magazine “Most of the system weight is located on the surface where the modules are deployed”

The Korean government has recently announced new policies to prioritize solar energy projects which include low-carbon-footprint modules. These new rules are also expected to favor local manufacturers of solar cells and solar panels.

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