Panasonic Aims to Exit from Photovoltaic (PV) Module Manufacturing

The Japan-based PV module manufacturer, Panasonic, officially announced that they want to end its in-house PV wafer, cell, and module production by the end of the fiscal year 2022. However, Panasonic will continue their collaboration with third-party manufacturers under its brand in its home market.

Panasonic will continue its existing PV module manufacturing for the next 14 months. This decision was made based-on Panasonic’s planned structural reforms in its photovoltaic business. According to PV-magazine, this move comes after Panasonic walked away from a projected partnership with Chinese heterojunction module maker GS-Solar back in August 2020, which would have seen the Japanese company’s Malaysian operation transferred to the Chinese business and a photovoltaic R&D operation established by the two partners. Panasonic domestic staff have a huge fortune to be maintained and transferred to the other business areas of the company but Malaysian staff has not similar opportunities like Japanese.

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Source:@ PV-Magazine & @Solar_Edition
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