The Polish Solar PV Market will Boom in The Next Five Years, Predictions IEO

The Polish Solar PV Market will face a booming growth in The Next Five Years. The cumulative solar capacity of Poland has drastically increased from less than 50 MW in 2013 to 1500 MW at the end of 2019 & the main part was added in 2019. The 2020’s installation is surging in line with the previous year.

According to the Institute for Renewable Energy (IEO) in Poland, the country’s cumulative installed solar PV capacity will reach 2.5 GW by the end of 2020. The IEO forecasts the market to increase annual installations by up to 25% in 2020 mainly due to the micro-installations segment, which comprises commercial and industrial (C&I) installations. 

The country will plan to add 1 GW per year during the next five years so that the cumulative capacity arrives at 7.8 GW by 2025. It can be called that the next five years will be the booming time of solar power in Poland. 


Source: @Solar_Edition

Photo: @greengenius & @Solar_Edition


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